K-8 Tuition Free Charter School

School Information

Vision Statement

Navigator Academy of Leadership K-8 will develop life-long learners through a relevant and engaging cross-curricular approach to Science, Math, Art, Reading and Technology. Our SMART focus, coupled with a narrowed focus on advanced leadership skills, will allow students to acquire content knowledge as well as the necessary skills to ensure college and career readiness.

Mission Statement

The mission of Navigator Academy of Leadership K-8 is to enable students to be independent learners and leaders by developing each child’s intellectual curiosity and thirst for discovery through a cross-curricular integration of Science, Math, Art, Reading and Technology. By nurturing their minds to be SMART critical thinkers and problem solvers, our students will be well-rounded CEOs of their own learning.

Navigator Academy of Leadership

Was born out of a need to offer something unique in education under the philosophy that every child has the potential to be great!

    Navigator Academy of Leadership will:
  • Provide students with a well-rounded education as a foundation for success
  • Give students a platform where they can develop greatness
  • Develop the leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Provide students an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment where we help them find their inner gift and help them nurture their “greatness” so that they can see their potential.

Hard work will lead them into success in all areas of life.
Their “I Will” > than their “IQ”

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